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Louis & Kendal After a pretty exhaustive search we ended up hiring Level Studio for our family room renovation, powder room remodeling and first floor painting job, and we are so happy we did. Luca and Vinh have been amazing to work with. As a full service design firm, they took out all of the complexities of managing the different pieces and trades associated with our remodeling. They were professional, attentive, creative and did an excellent job of communicating project status. We had some general sense of what we wanted to do but found it a bit challenging to be very descriptive of our vision. Luca and Vinh were patient and able to tease it out and put our vision in motion. All the trades they hired came as scheduled, did their work professionally and left our space tidy. We had some delays in getting furniture and some pieces due to COVID. Luca and Vinh kept us well informed and up to date on everything. They were an absolute pleasure to work with. We plan on using them again in future projects and would recommend Level Studio to anyone. Louis & Kendal L. hOMEOWNER Jonathan H. Luca and Vinh are the perfect blend of creativity as well as disciplined project managers. They took inspiration from our choices in art and rooms that we had decorated ourselves, ensuring that the living room they created for us complemented the rest of our home. They explained - and followed - a disciplined design process, which ensured that all questions were addressed before any construction started. They source furniture that was better than we imagined. Every single contractor they hired to work in our home was professional, punctual, and a perfectionist. Luca and Vinh took our living room to the next level, on time, on budget, with a minimum of hassle, and they did it all during COVID. We enthusiastically recommend Luca and Vinh for your next project, small or large. Thank you Luca and Vinh! Jonathan H. hOMEOWNER Savvas K Luca and Vinh assisted my son and I with the interior decorating of our new townhome. We were basically starting from scratch. We had a specific look and feel that we were looking for and wanted to have touches that reflected our personalities and interests. From the beginning, Luca and Vinh were attentive and service oriented in helping us focus and refine our ideas. They presented many great suggestions and options and provided visual aids through mood boards; samples and 3D renderings. There were patient in refining ideas and accepting changes and input. The process from high level ideas to concrete options and budgeting was transparent, efficient and very well organized. It was very effective in helping us visualize the end result and being comfortable with the direction of the project. As we moved to implementation, Luca and Vinh displayed excellent service, were timely, accommodated our schedules and coordinated all service providers to great effect. The quality of service was top notch throughout the project, particularly in keeping us regularly informed, living up to scheduling and showing pride in their work down to the details. Perhaps most important is that Luca and Vinh were great to deal with - pleasant, respectful and honest. The end result was exactly what we wanted and our friends and family have been unanimous in their praise. We would highly recommend Luca and Vinh. Savvas K HOMEOWNER Level Studio Banner This 2020 was a fresh start for me, all the way down to the espresso spoon. As I was excited, let’s face it, It can be overwhelming undertaking a home project. There’s so many decisions to be made. I have a demanding job, and knew doing this on my own would be taking away from valuable time. The space is also small and needed a strategic eye. I gave Luca and Vinh some inspirations I loved to give a feeling of what I was looking for, and never looked back. They provided great design sense, attention to detail from lighting and furniture placement to fabric choice and color palettes… and those gentle nudges to help me think outside the box. They also helped with home essentials i.e. kitchen, bath, laundry, utility, closet organization and made the space fun and interactive with connecting and setting up google home products and other home entertainment. And as for budget, it’s expensive starting over. They kept me in line, and really knew how to get the best value out of what I could spend without compromising the look, feel and quality of design. Luca and Vinh were patient, understanding and such a pleasure to work with. Because of them, I’m enjoying my space a lot sooner and so proud to call it home. Thank you both for making this a great experience! Michelle O. CONDO OWNER Lydia M Renovating can be extremely stressful. Constant decisions must be made in a timely way so as not to hold up progress. This can be difficult when it’s hard to imagine the final result. I found working with Luca and Vinh helped me through this and gave me the confidence to proceed with a sense of direction. Luca and Vinh from Level Studio visited my space, examined the drawings of my renovation, listened to my needs and desires and came up with a plan. Their plan for my space included work to be done in preparing the space, lighting, finishes, paint colours, drawings and measurements for millwork, as well as renders for furniture pieces and set-up. I found this to be so helpful. I can now use the package prepared for me in detail to complete the project confidently. I appreciated working with Luca and Vinh, their timely responses to the multiple questions I sent their way. They always presented me with many possibilities but still allowed me the final choice, making it ultimately about my tastes in my space. Thanks so much Luca and Vinh! Lydia M. HOMEOWNER Daria K Luca and Vinh are some of the most creative and professional people I’ve ever worked with. Since our first meeting I knew that I could trust them with the process and it would come out great. They were on time to every meeting, responded timely to all of my emails and calls, were always polite and made sure that I got the design that I had in mind. It can be quite challenging trying to describe how you envision your “perfect flat” to someone, but it was an easy and enjoyable experience with the Level Studio Inc. Am I happy with the design that guys created for me? 100% yes. Will I recommend them to my friends and family? Yes, and as a matter of fact I already have 🙂 Thank you for your hard work guys! I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future. Daria K CONDO OWNER Stephanie S Luca and Vinh did an amazing job, they completely exceed our expectations!!! We got a full house design and they where amazing! Very professionals, took into consideration all our ideas and needs even helped us to organize our budget properly so we did not have to overspend. Besides being very understanding and great people. Honestly I recommend them 100% Stephanie S. HOMEOWNER David R. I cant even start to explain how happy and pleased I was to work with Level Studio. I met Luca and Vinh about a year before the project started. As soon as they walked into my home and we started talking I knew they were the ones. Our whole upstairs was renovated with the kitchen being focus of the project. I had other contractors who came and gave me ideas as well as friends and nothing seemed right to me with their suggestions with my kitchen but Luca walked in that morning and said to me lets do this, this and that and I said BINGO! What an excellent idea! From that point on I worked with Luca, he was amazing in all aspects of a designer and project leader. Luca’s selection of colours, tiles, paint, layout was exactly what I wanted. He made me feel at ease and comfortable with every decision made. I went against a few of his decisions but then realized no, he is right! Luca’s detail and precision was impeccable. All his trades were on time, excellent to work with and the project was done way before the deadline. He wanted me in my surroundings before Christmas and I was! I have no words to express how happy I was with his work, ideas, and customer service. What a gentleman! I would fully endorse and refer Luca and Vinh to anyone, what a great company, team and such wonderful guys. Thank you for the millionth time Luca and Vinh. David R. HOMEOWNER Andres D. We hired Vinh and Luca to refurnish our living room. It was a small job, but extremely important to us as it was the last room in our house to refurnish after a big renovation. They had been referred to us by a friend who was doing a much bigger job. They treated our job with the same level of care and attention as their larger jobs, and we are very pleased with the result. Their design and project process is extremely well organized. We knew what was going to happen when right from our first meeting. They understood our conceptual design and flow of our house immediately and delivered a design and sourced furniture and fixtures that were perfect. We are very pleased, and grateful for the personal touch that they brought to dealing with us. Andres D HOMEOWNER Nelson & Lucy Great Vision, Great Execution, and Great People. We had a great experience working with Luca and Vinh on our home décor the past few months. Among many good qualities they have shown us over this time, a few really stood out. First, we were really impressed with the level of professionalism they have shown to us. Despite having multiple projects on the go, they are very responsive to our inquiries whether it’s in person or through email or phone. We had a tight timeline for the project, but Luca and Vinh were able to deliver on time and we moved into the new home on schedule with no delays. Secondly, they really try to think in the best interest of their clients. We have ordered a bed frame that turned out is a bit bigger than what we would have liked, and Luca and Vinh acted on it right away and were able to help us find a new bed to replace the one we ordered with no hesitation. On a separate occasion, one of the bedroom lights were slightly damaged during shipping and it was so small that we didn’t even notice. Nonetheless, Luca and Vinh flagged it with us right away and told us that they have ordered a new light for us. It’s comforting to know that we are working with guys that care about our home as much as we do. Lastly, Luca and Vinh have been really good at keeping us engaged throughout the process to make sure they are helping us creating something that is meaningful to us. Instead of simply giving us a beautiful home, they helped us create something that reflects our personality and character. We would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for interior design help with their homes. Nelson & Lucy Z. CONDO OWNER Kristen F. We cannot thank you both enough for all that you did to make our blank space a real warm feeling. Your endless enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism made the whole process so easy for us. You both respected our budget and were always on time especially because I asked for a quick time frame to have the project completed. Your design took our space from empty feeling walls & rooms to usable and gorgeous. It feels exactly how you pictured it for us. Luca and Vinh, many thanks again!! Can't wait for the next project! Kristen F HOMEOWNER Monica B. I contacted Level Studio when I moved into my new townhome. I felt I really wanted my new place to be a reflection of me and I can’t be any happier with the outcome! I had no vision or really any idea of what I wanted (which probably made things a lot more challenging for Luca & Vinh!) I am in awe of their talent and can’t believe they were able to transform my main floor & master bedroom/bathroom into such a beautiful and functional space with little to go on from me. I can’t imagine a more perfect result! They resolved my concerns of a smaller dining area, storage requirements and an open concept main floor by presenting plenty of options, including building my dream closet, installing cabinetry & shelving in the kitchen, and suggesting and selecting furniture that worked perfectly and carried the colour scheme throughout. I was even more impressed at the consideration of my hobbies, like adding adjustable overhead lighting where I like to read and work on embroidery. They even took the time to frame sketches that I wanted to hang and framed prints from Vinh’s photography collection to add to the space. They were professional, friendly, attentive, knowledgeable and patient from the initial consultation to project planning & implementation. I would highly recommend Level Studio for any design project, large or small. They far exceeded every expectation and I look forward to working with them again! Monica B. HOMEOWNER Dr. Tari I hired Level Studio Inc to design and transform an unfinished commercial unit into my dream clinic. I had a vision of what I wanted it to look and function like, just no means to actually create it. Luca & Vinh took everything I said and organized it in a potential layout. We then went room by room to discuss the functionality of each space and how it would be used in the clinic setting. They provided me with several options to maximize space and even went as far as mimicking a patient interaction to see if the designs would serve well for the use of the clinic. After the construction logistics were submitted for permits (a process they took care of entirely) they provided me with samples of flooring, paint colours and furniture pieces to go along with my beach vision. Throughout every step of this process, I was given a multitude of information and I was confident in the decisions we were making. They are reliable, hardworking and creative geniuses! I truly appreciate all of the work Luca & Vinh put into the entire process of my clinic. They have far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them for any design needs. Dr. Tari Owner of Movement Chiropractic & Rehab Dennis & Danielle T. I never thought I would be living in a home as amazingly put together as mine is now. And it’s not even about looking great, Luca and Vinh asked us all the right questions and took all the right measurements to make sure each room had all the functionality we needed, which seemed especially impossible when you take our two toddlers into account. Each room does what we need, and the kids still have their easy to maintain spaces. The whole process was so easy: just answer some questions and give your opinion about what you like. Luca and Vinh saved us so much time and energy from having to tackle such an enormous project on our own, and they were so enjoyable to work with. Honestly, I can’t wait to get home now, and I love entertaining and having people over. And it’s all because of the guys at Level Studio. Thanks, guys! Dennis & Danielle T. HOMEOWNERS Christopher S. Vinh and Luca are passionate, caring, diligent and attentive. They went out of their way to cater to every need and requirement I had, as well as making suggestions of their own to compliment my vision. After they finished my apartment, I felt sad that the experience had ended! The whole thing was a pleasure (and I learned how to make excellent drip coffee as a bonus). I couldn't recommend them more to anyone looking to create a unique space that reflects their personality, style and vision. I can't wait to work with them again! Christopher S. CONDO OWNER Mariana W. Luca and Vinh are very caring and truly gifted at noticing the tiniest of details to create a space that is so beautiful and so perfect. It is rare to hire someone who expects perfection from themselves and everyone in the project. You can count on them to be punctual, professional, and conscious of your budget. Luca and Vinh fulfilled my fantasy and I would highly recommend them. Mariana W. CONDO OWNER What Our Clients Say Client testimonials

Colin K. We recently had the pleasure of meeting Luca and Vinh for their 2 hour in-house consultation. We were completely satisfied with their professionalism and excellent design plans, and are proceeding according to their advice. Our condo design was challenging for us due to its unique rounded shape, however, Luca and Vinh solved these design challenges for us. We highly recommend their 2 hour in-house consultation service. Colin K . CONDO OWNER Shruti B. Luca and Vinh were exactly what we needed to help redesign our new house! They are both very personable and gave so many thoughtful ideas that fit with the style my husband and I were going for, while working around the practicalities of our little family. They also helped us by giving concrete steps for the dimensions and placement of furniture and suggestions of vendors that would fit our budget. The 2 hours flew by and left us with a much better idea of how we would proceed in designing our space. I would highly recommend their service! Thanks again, Luca and Vinh! Shruti B. HOMEOWNER Jessie M. I recently hired Vinh and Luca for their 2-hour design consult. It was exactly what I needed. They assessed my own personal style and talked-through my goals and the ways I've been using my small and unique condo layout. I was pleased that they were happy to give me ideas as to how to use the items I already had, as well as suggesting vendors for new pieces. They gave me great design tips and tricks and really encouraged me to trust my own instincts. It was a bit of design therapy! I have come away with more direction as to pieces, placement, and colour. Jessie M. CONDO OWNER Melody C. We recently hired Level Studio to provide a 2 hour design consultation for our bathroom renovation. Luca and Vinh were great and a pleasure to work with! They were extremely professional, provided us with lots of design choices/ideas on everything from room layout, to tiles, faucets, lighting and even paint colours. They also really know their stuff when it comes to where shop for everything you need for your renovation (especially in Vaughan!). Highly recommend them! Melody C. HOMEOWNER Dylan G. My first experience with interior designers was with Luca and Vinh. They were very professional and helpful. I struggled with having a vision for my place and they were able to give me both a larger vision as well as practical tips on how to achieve it. I would recommend Luca and Vinh to anyone who is looking for help in making the most of their own space. Dylan G. HOMEOWNER Viktor Z. Luca and Vinh are rockstars at what they do at Level Studio, and I would highly recommend using them for any interior design projects! They helped my girlfriend and I design our newly purchased condo, and helped us get everything we needed prepped and ready for renovation. And they did it all over email! They were very fast and knowledgeable with their consultation. Always bringing something thoughtful to consider with every phone call and email response. And always with your best interest in mind! Viktor Z. CONDO OWNER Erika P. Would highly recommend Vinh and Luca at Level Studio. They were professional, quick to deliver and stayed well within our budget. Level went above and beyond and educated us on all our possible renovations to our small condo, from flooring and kitchen cabinetry to removing walls. They provided measurements and renderings and recommended materials and brands to use, all from 1 visit and a few emails back and forth. We love our space, thank you Level Studio! Erika P. CONDO OWNER Julie & Vincent My partner and I are starting a major home flip and brought in Vinh and Luca for a consultation. We were so impressed with their vision and creative solutions! Their suggestions were practical, beautiful, and have especially helped us map out the kitchen and basement we want within our space and budget constraints. Vinh and Luca were also very professional and solved all the problems we foreseen. What also impressed us was their depth of knowledge, not just on current styles and functionality, but of the building process itself. We can't say enough about Level Studio! Thank you so much Vinh and Luca for your expertise. We highly recommend Level Studio! Julie & Vincent HOMEOWNER Ron S. Great value for money. We hired Luca and Vinh for a two-hour design consultation. They were very responsive and eager to tackle our project. In this age were everyone has something to say or sell, it was incredibly refreshing to find designers that were truly great listeners and understood our needs. They were accommodating and came up with creative solutions that were respectful of our limited budget. If you are looking for great and honest advice I highly recommend Level Studio. Ron S. HOMEOWNER Daniel H. I was super stressed when it came to furnishing my one bedroom plus den in Toronto, it is hard to find pieces that fit that bring the place to life, without cluttering the space. However, all those worries faded working with Level Studio. Both Vinh and Luca were unbelievably helpful and accommodating when it came to assisting in the sourcing of furniture for my new space, and they brought a ton of experience when it came to establishing the layout of the new space. You can bet I'll be using these two again in all future home improvement projects. Daniel H. HOMEOWNER Taylor S. It has been a dream working with Level Studio, who helped us transform our apartment living room into a one of a kind space. Our 2-hr Design Consultation service with Vinh and Luca was a breeze as they helped us hand select the custom pieces for our room. They are incredibly dedicated to you as a client and are always professional and prepared. This was my first experience upgrading our home and they made the process seamless, always giving us thoughtful suggestions while keeping within budget and on track to meet our timeline. I will absolutely be using Level Studio for any future projects and sincerely recommend them to anyone looking for quality design services every time. Thank you Vinh and Luca for a wonderful experience! Taylor S. HOMEOWNER Maddalena B. I asked Luca and Vinh to come to my home for a 2-hour design consultation and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. They provided practical and functional design options/ideas for my home which I cannot wait to implement now and in the future as I build up my home. Luca and Vinh are a fantastic team! I would highly recommend them! Maddalena B. HOMEOWNER Giulio & Lidia M. My wife and I called Vinh and Luca to help us out with some home renovations. We were immediately impressed with how quickly they were able to tweak our decor and make spaces look so much better using our existing furniture. They are both very talented and easy to work with. Luca and Vinh have made our Reno less stressful! Giulio & Lidia M. HOMEOWNER Beth & Tom G. My husband and I contacted Vinh & Luca when we were looking for some design suggestions for our kitchen renovation. We were immediately impressed with their energy - professional, warm, calm, enthusiastic, imaginative, trustworthy, etc. Both Vinh and Luca offer individual talent, creativity, and passion for design. Together, they're an impressive team. They are prompt, flexible, and professional. Within just a few minutes, they were able to provide us with several ideas and suggestions for a space we'd deemed "impossible". If you're considering consulting designers for your project, we can confidently recommend reaching out to Vinh & Luca. (Why only 4/5 stars? I always leave room for improvement. These guys are going places!) Beth & Tom G. HOMEOWNER Grace V. I recently bought a new house and contacted Level Studio to help me create it into a new home. I had a lot of ideas and a lot of new and old pieces. Luca and Vinh helped me decide which pictures, furniture pieces, and accessories to keep and which to get rid of. Their knowledge in the industry helped me decide on how to achieve my dream home. Both owners were open to my ideas and worked well collaboratively to help me attain them. I learned a lot about my design space and how to arrange my home so that it is aesthetically pleasing, warm, comfortable and homely. I am very happy with the professionalism and advice that I received and would highly recommend Level Studio for both large and small projects. Thank you again for all of your help. Grace V. HOMEOWNER John & Marina B. Luca and Vinh were such a pleasure to work with. Professional, friendly, funny, knowledgeable and clearly passionate about what they do. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with planning and designing a space. John & Marina B. HOMEOWNER Consultation Testimonials