Interior Design

Interior Design

We provide full design services to complete your project. Our services include in-depth interviews, design development, and construction implementation.
Interior Consultation

Interior Consultation

Have no ideas or don’t know where to start? Pick our brains for 2 hours in your home to talk about anything and everything. Perfect for handy and creative homeowners or renters who need a little guidance.
Interior Photography

Interior Photography

We provide interior & architectural photography for any space of any size.

Ideal for Interior designers, architects and developers who wish to market and showcase their beautiful work.

Overview of Our Services

We provide services to a wide range of home and condo owners, renters, even landlords as well as interior designers and architects.

Interior Design
  • Information Gathering

    • Discuss vision, needs & wants
    • Measure proposed space
    • Photograph space
    • Discuss design scheme & budget
    • Document anything to remain
    • Provide existing floor plan

  • Design Development

    • Provide space planning options
    • Feedback sessions
    • Revisions to planning
    • Furniture, finish and material options
    • Custom, ready-made, and built-in options

  • Design Package

    • Finalize floor plan & design based on your feedback
    • 3D rough computer model to ensure you understand the design scheme
    • Provide preliminary overall budget
    • Provide a finish and material mood board
    • Provide a final document outlining the entire design

  • Construction Implementation

    • Complete project management
    • All furniture, finish, and material orders
    • Coordination of all deliveries, pickups, and assembly
    • Coordination of all trade work and on-site construction

Interior Consultation
  • Consultation for Landlords

    • Perfect for Landlords wanting to freshen up their investment properties for tenants
    • In person home visit for 2 hours
    • Discuss budget and overall project
    • Discuss trendy colours and materials that remain timeless
    • Explore finishes that are adaptable and endurable

  • Consultation for Home Owners

    • Perfect for mature homes needing more intense work
    • In person home visit for 2 hours
    • Discuss budget and overall project
    • Give you suggestions for your renovation
    • Give on the spot ideas for space planning and schemes
    • Colour and furniture suggestions

  • Consultation for New Builds

    • Perfect for new condo or home buyers
    • In person home visit for 2 hours
    • Discuss owner’s vision, wants, needs, budget and overall project
    • Focus on furniture, decor and lighting that work with existing finishes
    • Provide ideas for space planning and colour schemes

Interior & Architectural Photography
  • Consultation

    • In person or phone consultation
    • Discuss requirements for the shoot
    • List desired shots & angles
    • Floor plan or site plan is required

  • On Site Photoshoot

    • Prep and set up the space
    • Photograph desired shots and angles
    • Level to provide a contact sheet with numerous shots
    • Post-production work on selected photographs 

  • Photograph Package

    • Provide final photo package
    • Revisions if necessary
    • Packaged in multiple purpose formats
    • Custom image format on request

Have questions about our services? 

Write to us below or complete our complimentary ‘Design Consultation Survey’ to get your design started!