Sonoma Height Residence

March 2018

Kleinburg, Ontario

We redesigned a few rooms in this home while working with a lot of the existing materials and finishes.
A Ledgestone feature wall becomes the focal point for this kitchen. The original floor tile, cabinetry, and countertop are paired with a light grey wall, modern profile mouldings and new stainless steel appliances making this kitchen much more modern.
The bedroom was to function as both an efficient working space and a place for a little R&R. White is used extensively to maximize the sunlight making this space feel bright and fresh. A dark grey feature wall adds depth to the space and green accents are used throughout to create a more relaxed, zen atmosphere, perfect for getting work done. Some retro pieces add interest to the room.
We worked with the existing green tiles in the shower and floor of the bathroom. To reduce labour and construction costs, we had jewelstone artfully laid over the tiled floor. The crown moulding adds an elegant feature to such a small room and is balanced by chrome accents.