Rustic Residence

September 2019

Toronto, Ontario

Photography: Level Photo

Sample Board

The client for our Rustic Residence Project had an ambitious vision of an all white kitchen that translated to the design of the overall ground floor. A large prep area and countertop space was requested with as big an island possible. To achieve her vision, we demolished a partition wall separating the old, smaller kitchen and dining room.


We decided against uppers in the kitchen and moved a window over so it would be perfectly symmetrical between the large range hood. We then installed a quartz backsplash and had it run all the way up the wall for a very luxurious look.


As an avid collector of art, decor and trinkets, we used her collections as focal points against an all white design scheme with subtle hints of red.


It was very important to rejig the floor plan so that it framed views and perspectives for various art pieces and cabinetry throughout her home.