Level Studio gets featured on Houzz!


A Light, Bright Basement Inspired by Midcentury Design

Designers create an organic and airy feel in this underground space in Toronto.

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Vinh Le gets Awarded by NAAEE as Top EE 30 Under 30!

We’re proud to announce that Vinh Le, our Creative Director, has been recognized by NAAEE and The Global Environmental Education Partnership as one of 2018’s EE 30 Under 30! Vinh has been an environmental enthusiast that loves to share his passion for educating, empowering youth and protecting our environment.

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Vinh Le Level Studio EE 30 UNDER 30

UNESCO Sees New Hope in Youth to Save the Planet


The Youth Saves the Planet Conference was a success that brought together youth leaders all over the world in an effort to connect and learn from each other,” said Vinh Le from Canada. “This conference has given us the tools and skills to create social initiatives and be a better ESD leader. The next steps for my partner and I at Level Studio Inc. is to create an upscale social challenge to get more youth in our country to learn about the SDGs and have them implemented into their lifestyle.”

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