Colour mid-century modern living room with wood shelves and green couch at Valleyview Project


Toronto, Ontario

"A little mid-century modern
flair with bold fun!"

Colour was critical in our Valleyview Residence project because we wanted this home to be as interesting as our client. He had a wonderful collection of rolled prints, trinkets and knick knacks that he collected over the years from his travels, or were gifts from friends and family over a long period of time that all told a great story, and we wanted to create plenty of opportunities to display them.

During our first meeting at Valleyview, our client said how he always wanted the colourful Eames Hang it All Rack which we put up in the foyer. And it’s funny because all the colours on that piece ended up somewhere in his home. It was a great jumping off point for the entire scheme and we felt that being bolder with colour was the best way to emulate our client’s wonderful personality.

Bright modern entryway with blue runner carpet and Eames hang it all coat rack in our Valleyview Project

"A little mid-century modern
flair with bold fun!"

Cozy mid-century modern living room with wood shelves and green couch

We started from the living room and worked our way out. We pitched a rounded sofa as it would work with the existing layout of the room better and from there, we carefully selected pieces that were functional, flexible and allowed our client to entertain large groups of people with ease. The fireplace was a challenge as we replaced an electric one to gas and the client wanted to keep elements of the existing concrete wall. So we came up with a linear design to salvage as much of the concrete as possible.

High contrast contemporary powder room with gold hardware and black tile accent wall
Minimal modern entryway with light wood staircase and glass railing
Mid-century modern inspired dining room with wooden table, green chairs and blue accent gallery wall
Mid-century modern inspired dining room with wooden table, green chairs and blue accent gallery wall

Valleyview’s dining room had a long wall that was perfect to curate a gallery of prints and trinkets from various friends and family. Each piece told a wonderful story and the ability to tell each one over a dinner party was an idea our client gravitated towards.

Feng Shui Bright open concept modern transitional kitchen and dining room with large white island and cabinets

A simple white kitchen remains timeless and allows the bolder colours in the open-concept main floor to mesh seamlessly. We wanted to incorporate more rugged elements as seen in the pendants and counter stools.

Bright open concept modern transitional kitchen and dining room with large white island and cabinets
Bright white and bold geometric contemporary primary bedrooom

Valleyview’s primary bedroom feels more serene and relaxing. A repeated diamond shape was used in the wallpaper, rug and throw with more subtle, muted colours that ties into the ensuite. Subtle gold accents complete the room.

Bright modern contemporary bedroom with white upholstered headboard and bold geometric patterned gold wallpaper
Bright white and gray modern contemporary primary bedroom and en suite bathroom
Cozy mid-century modern home office with wood bookcase and yellow velvet reading chair
Cozy mid-century modern home office with wood bookcase and yellow velvet reading chair

We decided to go dark in the den as there was a large window with lots of natural light so it would never feel gloomy. Our Valleyview client is an avid reader and we wanted to give him all the space possible to display his books, pictures and trinkets. We were inspired by the colours in the custom rug and pulled from them. 

Modern contemporary bedroom with king bed with blue sheets, wooden dresser and blue accent wall
Retro modern bedroom with metal frame bed and blue and yellow posters of cars
Cozy retro modern home theater room with beige couch and poster wall

It was decided that the basement would be the best place for the T.V as the space allowed for a better furniture layout with a sectional. The series of fun planetary prints also continues to bring colour throughout the scheme. 

Our Client's Testimonial

Luca, Vinh, and Level Studio … really short version is that they are incredible. But of course I should elaborate. A brief background; when I lived in a condo downtown Toronto, I tried a couple different designers, and got quite far but ultimately never implement their full designs. They were good but they weren’t my style. Fast forward a few years and I moved into a new house, 4 bedrooms and lots of space. I had lots of ideas but I needed help. I wanted someone who would take charge of the project and I didn’t want to deal with any of the stress. So I started looking and a lot of friends made a lot of recommendations. I met with 3 designers but in the end none of them worked out for variety of reasons. Then came the pandemic and the lockdowns, and truthfully I started to lose hope. Just then I came across Luca and Vinh’s page, Level Studio, and I immediately loved their aesthetic. I reached out to them a little reluctantly knowing that the pandemic had made a mess of things, some business were closed, some far too busy to be approachable. But Luca and Vinh got back to me almost immediately and set up a meeting. From that first meeting they were simply exceptional. They were very enthusiastic about the project, maybe even more excited than I was. From that point on I felt no need to look anywhere else, I had found my guys. When the project got going and I realized these guys were not messing around. Luca and Vinh were great at listening to my ideas and vision, and I had some crazy ones. And they took that vision and worked their magic to make it into something truly beautiful. They took care of everything to ensure it all went smoothly. I loved that they sourced many of the pieces right from craftsmen in Toronto, but also when I really really oh so badly truly needed that one book shelf from that French company that no longer has a representative in Toronto, well they got that last one in the warehouse on a ship bound for Toronto; how amazing is that! Were there problems? Of course. But when I called Luca and Vinh from work about a problem, they were at my house before I could get there and already working on a solution. During the months that we worked on this project I never felt that their attention was anywhere else and they treated me as if I was their most important client. They took my scattered ideas and vague vision and created something beautiful and saw the project through from the first day to the last with incredible energy and enthusiasm. And now pictures of my house are showcased in an interior design magazine, I hate to repeat myself but how amazing is that! It was absolute brilliant luck that I found these guys, but I have zero regrets and I have no doubt that they approach every project with the same energy and treat every client with the same enthusiasm that they showed me.
Pouya B.

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