Interior Design

We provide creative, authentic, practical designs with exceptional service to create a space that enhances the quality of your lifestyle. Our business structure is divided into two main components; Interior Design and Implementation.

During the design phase, we get to know you and create genuine friendships as we present ideas and work together to create an ideal space perfectly tailored to your wants and needs. It is during this time that we build your trust in our company so that you approach the implementation phase with a lot more confidence – especially when dealing with your budget.

During the implementation phase, we take your entire project from start to finish and deal with all the obstacles associated with it. As a design/build firm, we come up with creative troubleshooting and a call to action faster, and with greater accuracy than our competition when unforeseen circumstances arise. Our constant communication with our clients throughout the entire process at every stage makes you feel more at ease, involved, and comfortable.

With Level Studio, every single component matters. Every element is strategically thought out and planned so that your space is a beautiful, unique, functional interior that you love to live in and we cannot wait to photograph for our portfolio.

Our Design Process

I - Initial Consultation

What is your story? Why are you renovating? What makes you want to work with a designer? This is a preliminary discussion where we get to know you, your space, and your vision. Express the challenges, frustration and confusion you are facing and how we can help you over the phone and in person. After our initial consultation, we issue a design proposal to begin working on your project.

II - Information Gathering

What makes you happy? How do you want to experience your space? How do you carry on with your day? How do you want this space to function in ten years? We explore deeper in this phase while we get to know you and your style. Careful documentation is made throughout your home to ensure every element, existing and new works with your design scheme.

III - Design Development

This is where the fun happens as the creative juices start flowing! Exploring different floor plans and furniture layouts as well as furniture, décor and finish options. Your design scheme begins to take shape and your vision starts coming to life. The sky is the limit during this phase as we explore all the different possibilities for your space!

IV - Design Package

Your design scheme is visualized with clear and focused expectations based on your suggestions and feedback as it is refined to be picture perfect. Rough 3D images are provided to help you envision how your final design will look accompanied by detailed drawings, specifications, material mood board and overall budget for your project.

V - Project Management

Bringing your project to life and coordinating such a large scope is a lot of work and your time is valuable. We take care of everything to get the job done such as orders, deliveries, assembly, installs, and trade coordination while updating you on progress. There are many moving parts to a home renovation and we are here to help.

VI - Project Completion

After all that time and creative energy invested you are now able to enjoy your new space designed specifically and uniquely for you!

The benefits of collaborating with us on your next project:

Team Collaboration
Relationships are a two-way street and we feel the same way with our projects. We ensure that we listen and work together during the design of your home to reflect your personality & lifestyle.
Professional Trades
We source and only bring on exceptional, trustworthy and reliable professional trades for your project. Most times we have worked with our team of trades for years.
Industry Standards
You will have industry standards maintained throughout your project while still being resourceful and efficient in your renovation journey. We source quality.
The key to a successful relationship is through communication. We take pride in our seamless communication skills and tools to get your project from A to Z.
Trust & Guidance
Do it once, do it right. We will be here for you from the beginning to ensure your next home improvement is as stress free and enjoyable as possible!
Industry Vendors
There are a vast amount of furniture vendors out there. Level Studio has established great relationships with many vendors that you can have access to.