Do you Need an Interior Designer? Why 6 Months is the Best Time to Get in Touch

Do you Need an Interior Designer? Why 6 Months is the Best Time to Get in Touch

Hire an interior Designer

Do you need an Interior Designer? Why 6 Months is the Best Time to get in Touch

You have been scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest saving inspiration photos, flipping through magazines and tagging your favourite interiors. Maybe you have attempted to decorate or tackle a reno yourself, only to realize you are a little overwhelmed and are unsure where to begin. Now, you are wondering to yourself,

“When and should I hire an interior designer for my project?”

Here, at Level Studio, we get it. Interior design is more than meets the eye and we are here to help! 

Why Work with an Interior Designer?

Professional interior designers work in multiple phases with multiple scopes of work. Because of this, we understand your vision and all the back-end work needed to make your vision come to life. 

An interior designer guides you throughout the process of your project and will not impose a decision on you. They provide you with options that make sense and appeal to you. Each project is different and the scope of work can expand as we begin to analyze your lifestyle, goals, wants, needs, and budget.  

Depending on the project, you may be presented with demolition plans, furniture plans, lighting plans, finishes plans, custom millwork drawings, mood boards, sample boards, art and decor packages, and more. 

Open laptop table with stone samples and a tape measure

“What if I only
want to renovate
one room?”

As part of our services, we offer a two hour design consultation where we come into your home and discuss anything and everything you’d like in 2 hours, this is a great option for anyone with a smaller budget. We can focus on a single room or go through every room or floor in your home within those two hours.

“That sounds great but don’t interior designers cost a lot?” 

This is an assumption that leads many folks to dismiss the idea of working with an interior designer. The result? They end up doing everything themselves resulting in confusion, stress, time loss, costly mistakes, and regrets.

By hiring an interior designer, you’ll feel confident and comfortable that you’re being presented with the right ideas leading you to make the right choices. Suggestions are made based on your home layout, lifestyle, goals, wants, needs, and budget. At Level, we produce 3D mockups for clarification and to illustrate ideas. 

We take everything into consideration. 

Women writing on a floor plan

If you have a dog or children, we select appropriate fabrics, furniture, materials and finishes. Is an elderly family member moving in? We follow aging-in-place designs by implementing ADA standards. Need a home office? We implement ergonomics to maximize your productivity. Sustainability, acoustics, durability, and functionality are just some of the aspects we implement in our practices.

Have you ever purchased trendy decor or furniture you saw online? Months later, you realize, it does not quite fit the space you imagined, it is too late to return and it is tucked away in a corner not getting any use. Professional designers make educated suggestions which save you money from spending on the wrong or unnecessary things.

Keeping Everything Organized

We do it all! Project management is a complete project on its own. Think back to a time when you planned an important event like your wedding, a family vacation, or a weekend cottage getaway with friends. Early on, you find yourself overwhelmed and unsure where to start, there is a lot to consider with many moving parts.

By hiring a professional designer, the pressure of miscommunication and project execution is taken off. If you are doing it on your own and without proper documentation, your builder or contractor could misinterpret your ideas. Interior designers are familiar with the industry, terminology, and standards.

Floor plan on wall

Interior design is
not about picking the perfect colour or chair for a room.

This industry is about communication. A designer will communicate their ideas and vision to their clients and all team members, trades, and vendors involved in the project in an effective and clear way in order to achieve the end resultMuch like different musicians play their instruments, each trade or vendor performs their task whether it is to lay tiles or install cabinetry. The interior designer, much like the conductor, plays the orchestra.

Investing in the Right Thing

Think of us as an advocate for you and your ideas! We interpret your design inspirations and ideas and we do it effectively, realistically, and responsiblyAt Level Studio, we like to be on-site throughout each phase of a project which allows us to catch things quickly and with a quick call to action if they come up.

If something arrives damaged, materials or furniture, we’re on it. We manage and take care of it.

Two people pointing to a floor plan

We save you time, money and stress this way. It is important you know your interior designer also makes sure safety standards are met, and that building codes are actively carried out to avoid violations, fees and delays. 

Long Term Investment

Sometimes, folks make quick choices and overlook time. Your home is an investment and real estate asset. At some point, you may want to sell and you realize your home is not functional based on a design decision you made because it was trendy at the time. This could be a costly mistake.

Designers talking to clients on site

Interior designers understand the
real estate market.

We make sure your design is timeless and at the same time tailored to you, your needs, and your aesthetic. We prioritize functionality and maximize space. We make practical and realistic decisions, considering every aspect.

So, When do we get in Touch?

As soon as possible! It depends on what level of renovation you are looking for and when you are planning for completion. If you are looking for a light refresh before Christmas, book a designer at least six months before. 

Sometimes the design phase can take between two and three months.

Man working on the ground marking up a floor plan

Orders themselves can take over three months to be shipped. There is a lot of logistics and planning that go into a project. A full-scale renovation can take a year (or longer) as there are safety protocols, building codes, and other technicalities involved. It is best to get in contact with an interior designer as soon as you can.

Final Thoughts

We are local to Toronto and service throughout the Greater Toronto Area! If you have been thinking about working with an interior designer, get in touch, we want to hear from you!

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