A Picture Perfect Fireplace Styling Mantel Recipe: Part 3

A Picture Perfect Fireplace Styling Mantel Recipe: Part 3

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A Picture Perfect Fireplace Mantle Styling Recipe: Part 3

In the first part of our styling recipe, we went over the essentials (ingredients) and in the second part, the ABCs (directions) that follow. In this last part, we share extra notes you can incorporate throughout the year, compliments of the designer. Changing your mantel throughout the seasons keeps it fresh and current!

Fall and Winter

Naturally, fireplaces get the most use in the Fall and Winter seasons and why wouldn’t they? Fireplaces are cozy and styling mantels are often associated with the Holidays but sometimes can be overdone and end up looking tacky, not classy. To avoid this from happening, keep following along. 

Use the weather and natural elements outside as your jumping-off point. Look at the colours outside and incorporate what you see inside. For fall, we recommend colours like muted browns, reds, oranges, and yellows. For Winter, we suggest colours like white/silver, gold, earthy browns, neutral greens, and natural accents of red like cranberry branches. Thanksgiving is a transitional time during the fall season; use this to your advantage and compliment your fireplace mantel with your Thanksgiving table setting. 

When in doubt,
keep it neutral. 

For Winter, spend a little more and level up your seasonal decor. To avoid looking too thematic, consider buying holiday-specific pieces in different finishes like a green marble Christmas tree or zinc nutcrackers. Complement your mantle scape with your Christmas tablescape. 

Spring and Summer

Fireplaces are mainly in use during the fall and winter seasons but spring and summer styling can be just as important. It is the best time to bring in new life and refresh your space after a long, dark and cold winter.

Bring your blooming garden inside. Use in season spring flowers like daffodils, tulips, and carnations and spring colours like purples, yellows, pinks and blues. Layer in natural elements like wood based decor and finish off with  spring scents like jasmine, rose, or iris. 

Make sure to
water your flowers and switch them out when needed. 

In the summer we shed our layers, apply the same principle to your fireplace. You will want to keep it light and bright so use white colours and introduce lots of greenery for a pop. Take advantage of in season, fresh summer flowers and place them in a fun summer jug that acts as a vase.

Final Thoughts


There you have it, a perfect and easy-to-follow fireplace styling design recipe. Now you have a fireplace you can enjoy year long. If you followed our styling recipe and incorporated these tips, send us some photos! We’d love to see your creations! 

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