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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Interior Design

What is the difference between an interior designer and interior decorator?

Education. In the province of Ontario one must complete the following to become an
Interior Designer:

      1.  Obtain a post secondary degree in an architecture or interior design program
      2.  Have worked in a design firm for a certain amount of hours that a senior
        designer signs off on (usually 2 years)
      3. Have successfully completed their 3 exams from the National Council for Interior
        Design Qualification (NCIDQ) All three exams focus entirely on public health,
        safety and welfare for residential and commercial interiors and are extremely in

Once these 3 steps have been completed, you are eligible to be part of the Association
of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO)


Alternatively, anyone can start their own decorating business in Ontario, however, they
cannot call themselves an interior designer but there are a lot that do. Be wary of
builders/developers, kitchen and bath companies or furniture vendors that have
“interior designers” on staff to help select finishes or fabrics when they are really just
sales associates. If you plan on working with an interior designer you can always ask for
proof of their credentials if you are unsure.

Will I have to buy all new furniture if I want to work with Level Studio?

Not at all! We work with whichever pieces you are thinking of keeping in your new
renovation. Part of our design process is documenting which pieces would remain and
playing around with how we can use it in your design scheme. These pieces act as great
jumping off points and inspiration pieces to influence the rest of the room. We will
always give our advice if we feel an existing piece of yours might not work and we take
extra steps to either sell or donate it for you so you still reap the benefits.

What if I am already halfway through my Renovation or re-design?

This happens a lot where some people bite off more than they can chew,
jumped right into the reno without a proper game plan, or just need some reassurance
and guidance as they move through their renovation. If you have already started your
renovation with your own team of subcontractors, we recommended our 2 hour design
consultation. We will come into your home and you can pick our brains about anything
you would like to talk about. This is perfect for homeowners who want to make sure
they are moving in the right direction with their choices and is comfortable to take the
reigns on their own project.


Cost: $450 + tax

Can I use some of my own trades to work with Level Studio?

In most cases, we shy away from this. From our experience with previous clients, what
tends to happen is they begin to pick apart the design and try to get certain things on
their own or from people they know that look similar. This causes delays for us and even
changes how the final design looks which in some cases has a negative impact on the
final outcome of your design. The success of your design is the sum of its parts by using
our team that we trust and can manage.


For example, if someone says their brother is a painter and will do all the painting, then
we have to wait until all the walls are painted before we can install anything on it. If the
client is most likely getting a great deal from their brother, then the brother would do it
on their own time when they are good and ready.

Interior Consultation

What is the 2 Hour Design Consultation?

We come into your home and discuss anything and everything you would like to ask in those 2 hours. We can focus on a specific room, entire floor or even give ideas on every room in your home within the 2 hours.

How much does the 2 Hour Design Consultation Cost?

$450.00 + HST for homes within a 30km radius of Central Vaughan.

Extra fees may apply for homes outside that area.

What can I expect from your 2 hour design consultation?

– On the spot thinking and suggestions regarding furniture placement
– Advice from 2 Interior Designers

– Ideas for decor and accessories
– Big picture thinking for the overall space/room
– Assessing your current furniture and suggesting what works and does not
– We will bring paint swatches and we can discuss colour options.
– Suggestions of what stores to shop at given your type of budget and style
– We can review any material samples of flooring, tile, kitchen ideas etc. provided you supply them and have them on site for discussion

What is not provided during the 2 hour consultation?

– Specific suggestions regarding furniture, we do not specify anything within the 2 hours but we can review different furniture sites during our time together if you wish
– It is assumed you will be taking notes during our time together. We do not provide any follow up notes during or after our visit
– Kitchen, bathroom and millwork drawings