How to Set a Christmas/Holiday Table that is Designer Approved​

How to Set a Christmas/Holiday Table that is Designer Approved​

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How to Set a Designer Approved Christmas/Holiday Table

One of the best things about Christmas and the holidays is all the food consumed around the table next to our family and friends. Everyone comes together to celebrate and share moments together at the end of the year and is the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful Christmas/Holiday tablescape you and your loved ones can enjoy. Keep on reading to create a Christmas/ Holiday table that is designer approved!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Gather inspiration online. The more you have fun with it, the better your table will look. Go on Pinterest or Instagram for visual ideas, don’t forget to save these images so you can reference them later.

Make a list of what you have and what you need. Take note of your inventory, you may find that you do not need as many things as you thought you did. This makes it easier when shopping and keeps you on track.

Keep it classic, not thematic. Limit the use of overwhelming motifs like candy canes and fake snow if you want your table to to be timeless. If you want to incorporate a few of these elements, go for muted/neutral colours and finishes instead and keep it to a minimum so it can act as an accent piece rather than an obvious theme. 

CB2 has great seasonal decor since they offer items in different materials like brass decorative present or acrylic nutcracker. 

It’s All About the Table!

Allow the food to speak for itselfHave you ever eaten at a restaurant where the food looked too good to eat? Or do you have a friend who is amazing at assembling charcuterie boards? It is called food plating and presentation and it is an art. Do the same with how you present your food on the table. 

Add bright colour through greenery.  Instead of going for red candles and red napkins, add cranberry and pomegranate branches in vases as accent colours to bring in colours like red that can appear too thematic.

Add cranberry
and pomegranate branches in vases.

Image: Inspired Edibles

It’s a Resourceful Christmas After All!

Use what you already have. Take a look inside your pantry, spice cabinet or fridge. Do you have cinnamon sticks laying around? What about fresh rosemary? Roll a napkin, cinnamon sticks, or rosemary together and tie them in a bow with twine. A simple, effective and ecofriendly way to style your table without spending a dime.

Bring the outdoors indoors. Add natural elements to your table you can easily find outside like pinecones/ acorns or make your own garland by gathering foliage and using it as your table runner. Remember to shake them out before placing on your table.

Image: Jessica Elizabeth Interiors

Be cautious of tacky items. Certain budget decor and dollar stores can be great for their selection of items but they should not be the only place you shop because they are mass-produced and can look tacky/cheap. That said, if you know what to look for, you can find some unique and special pieces that are worth it.

Wrapping it Up!

It is all in the details. Make it personal by adding name cards or add a small gift on top of plates. It does not need to be extravagant or cost you tons, it could be a personalized letter and a photo of you and each guest.

Make it a multisensory experience. Dinner is so much more than eating, it is an entire sensory and social experience. Create a playlist and add songs you and your guests have previously shared memories to. 

Light tea candles to further enhance the dining experience.

Would chef Gordon Ramsay approve? If you want to create the experience of catering a special event or a restaurant-like atmosphere, make a menu. There are tons of free graphic design platforms like Canva that have templates. Print them at Staples or at home. and place them on your table. Talk about finishing touches!

Final Thoughts

Make it personal!
A little effort goes a long way and will create a memorable experience filled with love, laughter, and conversation for your chosen family. These simple ideas also work for any type of holiday or event. Happy holidays from Level Studio Team!

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