Design Consultation


Our 2 hour in home design consultation provides a one time service for clients who are planning to renovate or redesign their space and not know how and where to start.

This service is perfect for homeowners who would like to implement our practical ideas themselves and just need a little guidance and inspiration.

The clients that fall into this category are typically more budget conscious, have just moved into a new home, or are handy people that want to implement their project themselves and want the confidence they are moving in the right direction.

Every design consultation is different and you can use the two hours however you wish. We can focus on one room, one floor, or every room in your home!

The benefits of our design consultation:

Focused Vision
Our initial walkthrough of your space and general discussion allows us to acquire a good sense of what you hope to achieve and we provide a solid gameplan of how to get there.
Professional Direction
We guide you to the right places, vendors and trades based on the scope of work involved in your project. Our vast network of resources and knowledge is shared with you to benefit your project.
Realistic Expectations
We provide realistic expecations for your budget and what you are hoping to achieve with it. We break down the design and construction process and all the unforseen circumstances and situations that may arise during your project.
  • Advice from two registered interior designers.

  • On-the-spot thinking and suggestions regarding layout and finishes.

  • Ideas for decor and accessories.

  • Big picture thinking of the overall space/room.

  • Assessing your current furniture and suggesting what works and what does not.

  • We bring a paint fan deck to discuss colour options.

  • Suggestions of which stores to shop at given your type of style and budget.

  • We suggest homeowners have inspirational photos saved and ready to view during our meeting.

  • We suggest homeowners who are doing renovations try and provide material samples on-site for us to discuss.

  • Specific suggestions regarding custom furniture or custom drawings. We do not specify anything within the 2 hours but we can review different furniture sites during our time together if you wish.

  • We do not provide floor plans during our consultation.

  • Any written down take away from our discussion. It is assumed you will be taking notes during our time together.

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